Wondermom Starter Kit – Size S


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Learn More: Wondermom Smart Nappies  (FAQs here)

The starter kit is perfect for first-time parents. Download the Wonderfam App and use it with the Kini Sensor and Hub to receive real-time alerts immediately when the diaper is soiled or the baby sleeping posture is abnormal. Your baby deserves the best. 

  • Sensor with battery CR2016
  • Hub with a USB cable
  • 1 box of Smart Nappies (Size S), 40 pcs/ bag; 3 bags per box (Total 120 pieces), suitable for babies up to 6 kg only

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🩲 Smart Nappy (S size): Created with love for extra comfort and protection. Suitable for babies weighing ~4-6kg with waist size 36-50cm. It has a strong moisture-absorbent core which provides up to 500ml absorption; Suitable for day and night use. 40 pieces per bag. Made with hypoallergenic plant-derived raw materials that are 100% chlorine and fragrance-free. Patented in the US, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Both sensing wires are made of carbon and are certified to be 100% safe, and are not used directly on the skin. The sensing lines cover the entire pad, ensuring highly accurate measurement of diaper wetness and volume.


🪀 Kini Sensor: Securely attaches to the outside of the baby’s nappy to monitor wetness levels, baby position and activity. It sends data to the receiver (Hub) and Wonderfam app, letting parents receive real-time status updates and alerts for actions. 

  • Powered by low energy Bluetooth that is baby-safe (One year of use releases less energy than a 1-minute phone call )
  • Ergonomically designed so there’s no compromise on baby’s comfort
  • Easy cleaning with water and alcohol solution
  • Easily fixes to the front of the diaper with Velcro and clips.

💡 Hub: A receiver for remote monitoring and as a wetness indicator that changes colour based on diaper wetness levels. When the diaper is wet for a certain duration (set by the user), the light turns from red to purple as an alarm.


📱 Wonderfam App (Download with QR code below): The app is your companion to smarter caregiving for your little one. It gives you all the insights you need, right at your fingertips.

  • Abnormal Sleeping Posture and Diaper Wetness alert sent directly to your phone so that you can take the right action. 
  • Save costs by preventing unnecessary diaper changes. 
  • Track diaper usage patterns to better understand diaper buying needs
  • Records baby’s growth data and compares it with the standard from the World Health Organisation (WHO). 
  • Keep the memorable moments with photographs, texts and voice notes and track key milestones.

Download our Wonderfam App

How to Use?

How does it work?

The Kini sensor, powered by Bluetooth, attaches to the smart nappy and share infant’s status via Bluetooth to the parents’ phone directly. When the parent is outside the Bluetooth range (e.g., you want to monitor the baby while you’re at work), the Hub can be set up to connect to the wifi and parents can continue to monitor the infant’s activities and growth data.

Awards and Certifications

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  • Global Manufacturer Certification
  • International Quality Management Certification ISO 9001, ISO 1348
  • US FDA certification
  • CE EU conformity certification



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