Wondermom Starter Kit (Nappies & Sensor Set) – Size M


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1 Gift Box (3 Bags x Smart Diapers) Medium

1 Wondermom smart accessory set, included

  • Alert light / receiver
  • Kini Button (Built-in Battery) + Sensor Key
  • USB cable (without socket) + 1 CR2016 battery
  • User’s manual

* Sensor and reminder light are pre-paired *

Available on backorder

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Smart Nappy (M size)

Highly absorbent, made for day and night use (up to 640ml absorption). Suitable for babies with sensitive skin up to 24 months old. Made with hypoallergenic plant-derived raw materials that are 100% chlorine and fragrance free.

Kini Sensor

Connects to the Hub and the Wondermom App via Bluetooth so caretakers can receive real-time data on diaper wetness, fall, and inactivity alerts.

Sensing Lines

Patented in the US, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the two stripes (sensing lines) are made with carbon that is certified 100% safe for skin. The coverage of the stripes throughout the pad ensures an accurate measure of level of diaper wetness.

Awards and certifications

Wondermom merchandise is regularly tested and inspected for the highest quality. Current certifications-

  • Global Manufacturer Certification
  • International Quality Management Certification ISO 9001, ISO 1348
  • US FDA certification
  • CE EU conformity certification


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