Wonderfolks Smart Inco Slip – Size XL


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Fits waist 36 “-63 “,
New packaging design, more comprehensive product functions, intimate protection, the suction capacity is increased by one level compared to the Supreme Pack.
The black sensor line allows the warning light to transmit a wet urine alarm.
10 pieces per bag
Absorptive capacity (2250 mL) 

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Product features

Strong moisture-absorbing diversion layer: Strong moisture-absorbing diversion layer: The double-layer cotton core instantly locks the urine, and the moisture-absorbing middle layer increases the amount of absorption to prevent backfiltration, keeping the user dry and comfortable at all times.

Cleansing and dry surface layer: The soft surface layer increases the ‘moisture absorption’ and ‘lock’ function, providing double protection.

Special leak-proof hem: The soft material, combined with the elastic leg leak-proof hem design, fits perfectly regardless of the user’s position, preventing leaks in all directions.

Breathable bottom layer: The outer surface is made of natural fiber, which allows moisture to penetrate easily, thus providing the user with extraordinary softness.

Free adhesive area and safety adhesive: Durable design, as it is re-adhesive. Users can adjust the waist size to the most comfortable and safe position according to their body shape and needs.

Diaper Wetness Sensitivity: When the diaper is wet, the sensor clamped on the diaper will send a signal to the alarm light, which will beep to alert the user.

Antibacterial and deodorant: Makes use of special antibacterial technology and high-quality water-absorbing powder to eliminate odor and suppress bacterial growth.


  1. Attach the sensor to the front of the smart diaper with the abdomen about 3 cm away from the edge, and align the two moisture sensing lines on the smart diaper with the alignment lines of the sensor.
  2. Open the sensor cover where it is labelled ‘open’.
  3. Fold the front end of the diaper, align the sensor line with the sensor, and attach the Velcro at the back to the center of the diaper at the front.
  4. Press the cover of the sensor and clamp the diaper sensor of the diaper.
  5. Press and hold the reminder light switch button to activate the wetness indicator until you hear a beep. The wetness indicator will turn green. The indicator lights, sensors, and smart diapers are successfully connected. Your smart kit is ready!
  6. When the sensor is successfully connected to the diaper, the connection indicator will turn green.

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Awards and certifications

Anxinbao’s products are regularly tested and inspected to obtain the highest quality. Current certifications:

  • Global Manufacturer Certification
  • International Quality Management Certification ISO 9001, ISO 1348
  • US FDA certification
  • CE European Union Certificate of Conformity 


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