Wonderfolks Starter Kit – Size M


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Make your loved one happier and caregiving easier. 

This starter kit is perfect for first-time users to try out smart home care for the elderly. Download the Wonderfam App and use it with the Diaper Sensor and Hub to receive real-time alerts immediately when the diaper is soiled or the elderly is inactive for too long.

  • Sensor with battery CR2016
  • Hub with a USB cable
  • 2 bags of Smart Diapers (Size M) – 10 pcs/ bag
  • Suitable for waist circumferences 28 “- 50 “
  • Absorptive capacity (1950 mL)

Out of stock

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The Smarter Way of Caregiving | Perfect For First-Time Users

🩲 Smart Diapers (Size M): Designed for patients with moderate to severe incontinence, suitable for day and night use. Super absorbent (up to 1950ml urine volume), suitable for incontinence due to diabetes, obesity, or mental disabilities. Made with hypoallergenic plant-derived raw materials that are 100% chlorine and fragrance-free. Patented in the US, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Both sensing wires are made of carbon and are certified to be 100% safe, and are not used directly on the skin. The sensing lines cover the entire pad, ensuring highly accurate measurement of diaper wetness and volume.

🪀 Diaper Sensor: Detects moisture and activity of diaper and sends data to the receiver (Hub) and Wonderfam app, letting caregivers receive real-time status updates and alarms.

💡 Hub: Acts as a receiver to monitor the elderly remotely. Changes colour according to the diaper wetness and emit a “beep” when the elderly accidentally falls.

📱 Wonderfam App: Diaper wetness detection and alerts remind caregivers and family members to help the elderly change diapers when necessary. Inactivity alerts remind caregivers to help bedridden patients to change their sleeping position or sitting posture to prevent bedsores.

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