Wonderfolks Starter Kit (Inco Slip & Sensor Set) – Size M

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2 Packs of Smart Diapers (10 pieces per bag) 

  • Medium size: suitable for waist circumferences 28-50 inches
  • Absorptive capacity: 1950mL

1 Sensor + 1 Hub

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The Wonderfolks product now comes with a new packaging design, comprehensive product functions, intimate protection and the suction capacity at one level higher than that of the Supreme package.

Smart Diaper (M size)

Designed for patients with moderate to severe incontinence, suitable for day and night use. Super absorbent (up to 1950ml urine volume) and suitable for incontinence due to diabetes, obesity, or mental disabilities. Made with hypoallergenic plant-derived raw materials that are 100% chlorine and fragrance free.

  • Strong moisture-absorbing diversion layer: The double-layer cotton core instantly locks the urine, and the moisture-absorbing middle layer increases the amount of absorption to prevent backfiltration, keeping the user dry and comfortable at all times.
  • Cleansing and dry surface layer: The soft surface layer increases the ‘moisture absorption’ and ‘lock’ function, providing double protection.
  • Special leak-proof hem: The soft material, combined with the elastic leg leak-proof hem design, fits perfectly regardless of the user’s position, preventing leaks in all directions.
  • Breathable bottom layer: The outer surface is made of natural fiber, which allows moisture to penetrate easily, thus providing the user with extraordinary softness.
  • Antibacterial and deodorant: Makes use of special antibacterial technology and high-quality water-absorbing powder to eliminate odor and suppress bacterial growth.

Kini Sensor

The sensor senses the moisture level of the diaper due to the carbon sensing lines. Via Bluetooth, the alert light searches for sensors within ten meters and receives data from them. In special situations, it sends out alarms to notify the caregiver to assist the user in a timely manner.

The Nice Care Smart warning light will change color according to the urine volume. The warning light uses five colors to indicate different wetness levels: red is the wettest and green indicates dry. When the diaper is wet, the warning light turns red and a second beep sounds twice in seconds, serving as a reminder to change the user’s diaper.

The Hub

Acts as a receiver for the sensor to monitor the elderly remotely. Changes color according to the diaper wetness, and emits a “beep” when the elderly user accidentally falls.

Underlying technology

The two stripes are sensing lines made with carbon that is certified 100% safe for skin. The coverage of the stripes throughout the diaper ensures an accurate measure of the level of diaper wetness. Patented in the US, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Alerts and Alarms

  • Fall alert: When the elderly user encounters a fall, caregivers are alerted to facilitate prompt medical assistance.
  • Turn-over alert: Reminds caregivers to help bedridden patients change their sleeping position or sitting posture to prevent bedsores.
  • Diaper wetness detection and alarm: Reminds caregivers to help the elderly user change diapers when necessary. Settings can be personalized according to skin sensitivity.

How to Use?

  1. Attach the sensor to the front of the smart diaper with the abdomen about 3 cm away from the edge, and align the two moisture sensing lines on the smart diaper with the alignment lines of the sensor.
  2. Open the sensor cover where it is labelled ‘open’.
  3. Fold the front end of the diaper, align the sensor line with the sensor, and attach the velcro at the back to the center of the diaper at the front.
  4. Press the cover of the sensor and clamp the diaper sensor of the diaper.
  5. Press and hold the reminder light switch button to activate the wetness indicator until you hear a beep. The wetness indicator will turn green. The indicator lights, sensors, and smart diapers are successfully connected.
  6. When the sensor is successfully connected to the diaper, the connection indicator will turn green. Your smart kit is ready! Download our app, “Wonderfolks” to receive alerts and alarms.

How does it work?

The sensor, attached to the diaper, senses temperature, diaper humidity, motion, posture and falls. It transmits this data to the Wonderfolks app directly via Bluetooth. The Hub also receives the data from the sensor within a range of ten meters via Bluetooth and the cloud server receives it via Wi-Fi. The data and analysis are presented in the Wonderfolks app, helping the family and caregivers to monitor and care for the elderly. 

App information


Download App Here with QR code

Awards and certifications

Anxinbao’s products are regularly tested and inspected to obtain the highest quality. Current certifications:

  • Global Manufacturer Certification
  • International Quality Management Certification ISO 9001, ISO 1348
  • US FDA certification
  • CE European Union Certificate of Conformity 


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