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What we do…

Wonderkin is a social enterprise based in Hong Kong. Our aim is to pave the way towards smarter caregiving for babies and elderlies.We specialise in both hardware and software products for diaper technology-based solutions.

Baby Care

Know when to change diapers, adjust alerts based on your baby’s sensitive skin, track abnormal posture…

For Baby

Elderly Care

Monitor and track elderlies’ diaper usage for families or nursing homes and other healthcare institutions.

For Family
For Institution

Why partner with us?


State-of-the-art and tested technology with proven application in the elderly industry. We own a unique and highly disruptive technology platform in a market. 


Unlike other smart diaper brands that measure wetness based on humidity, we provide more accurate real-time information.

Patented technology

Internationally granted patents with the proven application and potential in health data analysis in countries such as the USA, China, EU and more.

Specialisation and agility

Backed by Carmelton Group, we can meet on-demand production, enhance production and overseas logistics arrangements with flexibility and ease.

Current distributor network and countries we have tested

Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore and counting!

Press Coverage


This article features Hitachi selling Wonderkin’s “Care Support Solution for Nursing facilities” to support their nursing care facility staff. The solution makes use of IoT and voice technology, ensuring the safety and security of the residents as well as reforming the work ethic of the staff. By integrating our technology, Hitachi has managed to reduce diaper changes from 8 to 5 per user, per day. This has saved USD$46 per user, per month.


This article features co-founders Fiona Li and Miss Tam’s journey to starting up Wonderkin. With an investment from Carmelton Enterprise Ltd., the mother-daughter duo took a year and a half to successfully research and develop smart diapers for elderly in nursing homes.


Wonderkin, established in 2019, developed smart diapers for nursing homes that were successfully launched in the market last year. Following this, smart nappies for babies were created which is expected to launch this year. With unique smart features, the product aims to reduce SIDS and provide parents with health insights and alerts about their infant.

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