Wonderfolks uses the latest technology to allow users to monitor elderlies remotely via Bluetooth, significantly easing their burden in unprecedented ways.
The product includes a Kini Sensor, which is clipped onto the diaper and sends real-time alerts via Bluetooth to a smartphone, allowing caregivers to know about their beloved ones anywhere, anytime, when used with the WonderfamApp. The app has a wide range of functions:

  • Diaper Wetness Alarm: Reminds caregivers to change diapers when necessary with personalized settings for sensitive skin.
  • Insights: Provides real-time 24hour data on incontinence and posture for carers to analyze the needs of individual patients.
  • Inactivity Alarm: Prompts caregivers to reposition the elderly’s posture regularly to prevent bedsores.
  • Data Diary: Keep a diary on users’ daily activities

The set has been tested out by some modern women in Hong Kong, including working Moms, full-time Moms etc…

Hear what users say about Wonderfolks! Maybe you could relate too…

Siuyee@ siuyeeng0111: Incontinence diaper is one of the essentials for my Grandma ever since she got back from the hospital. However, as a Mum myself, taking care of Grandma at the same time is a lot more work than I thought. With the help of Wonderfolks, I could easily know what my Grandma needs and when to change her diapers. In this way, my life has become a lot easier, and Grandma feels more secured and comfortable!!!

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Joan @fourkidsmother: Modern women are multi-tasking every day, at home and at work. It’s hard to ensure everything is taken care of at all time. Wonderfam app is a life-changing app that gives a lot of women peace of mind. We could know all the important data about the diaper users’ conditions with just one app. Besides, Wonderfolks incontinence diaper is an environmental friendly option for all diaper users. With the extraordinary absorbent rate and volume, using Wonderfolks could save at least 2-3 diapers per day.

Paoma @paomaballball: My grandma is over 100 years old now and she has been using incontinence diapers for years. To ensure comfortability and A-class care to her I have bought Wonderfolks incontinence smart diaper set for her. The characteristics of the diapers remind me when to change her diapers and how much volume is used up through an app. The hub in the set also shows the wetness level by displaying the various colour of lights. I believe this intelligent product is not solely going to benefit daughters like me. It is going to make a huge difference in the caregiving industry.

OiTing @mo_oct: My grandparents are the most important person in my life, I used to live with them when I was young… Ever since I started to have my own family, I was not able to take care of time all the time. They would barely tell me about their struggles as they do not want to disturb or add extra pressure on me. Wonderfolks are here to solve my problems and it’s super easy to use. It just took me few steps to get the diapers set up. Not only my grandparents feel better with the smart diaper, but their skin also becomes more stable after using them.

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SinSin @Sinsinmaftm: As a mum and daughter at the same time, my life has been surrounded by diapers. I would say I am very familiar with the functionalities and usage of diapers. This Wonderfolks incontinence adult diaper is something I have never seen before. Not only the diaper is super comfy and highly absorbent, but the innovative technology also enables real-time notification on the diaper wetness level. I have tested up the absorbency with water myself, the volume absorbed and absorbent performance is excellent. This diaper comes with a reusable sensor and hub, which could be set up in one click. I would definitely recommend this to all daughters and Mum!

Patricia @patriciamingming: We always say technology is everywhere. Technology is really everywhere to help solve our problems. Elderly care is one thing that we modern people often neglect or forget. With Wonderfam app and Wonderfolks diaper, it tells you everything you might want to know about the conditions of the users, which include posture, food intake, medication schedule etc, and most importantly the diaper wetness level and the immediate notification to your app. This Wonderfolks set could save caregivers a lot of time while improving elderlies quality of life!

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