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Wondermom, uses the latest technology to allow parents to monitor their babies remotely via Bluetooth, significantly easing their burden in unprecedented ways.

The product includes a Kini Sensor, which is clipped on to the baby’s diaper and sends real-time alerts via Bluetooth to a smartphone, allowing parents to know about their little one anywhere, anytime, when used with the Wondermom App. The app has a wide range of functions:

● Sends alerts when the baby needs a nappy change, which can be customized based on skin sensitivity.
● Monitors the baby’s sleeping position, activity, and surrounding temperature, and sends alerts when these conditions are not optimal.
● Records the baby’s height, weight, and head circumference, and allows for comparison with data from the World Health Organization (WHO).
● Keeps a baby growth diary

Reviews on Wondermom

Some modern and intelligent Moms have tried out Wondermom diapers and the Wonderfam app. Check out what do they think about it…

Candy @ilmarecandy: Breastfeeding mothers always had to record the nappies’ weights or estimate the urine volume to deduce whether their babies are fed enough. With the Wonderfam App, I can track the urine volume with ease! This is the best gift for parents who are too busy to look after their baby 24/7. I have heard numerous times that a helper or a family member had forgotten to change the nappy, which resulted in diaper rashes. If you had a similar experience, Wondermom could help! It tracks uring wetness and alerts you when the nappy is full. You can then call your helper to change the nappy. 

Christina @dalasfirenze: Wondermom is not simply a tech gimmick but a useful tool that assists me in caregiving. With Wondermom “smart diapers”, I can monitor my baby’s urine output at all times every day. This helps me change the nappy more regularly and at appropriate times. It saves me from touching and checking the dirty nappies. I can ever track my baby’s daily activities and motion!

Mom of Isabella @Giuseppe_Isabella_Costa: Isabella uses nappies that have wetness indicators and change colour when soaked. Wondermom replaces the wetness indicator on the nappy with an app! However, recently, Isabella drinks a lot of water and pees frequently. It is troublesome to check her nappy at all times. Luckily, Wondermom smart nappies provide me with the convenience of caregiving. It’ so easy to use! Simply attach Kini Sensor to the two sensing lines of the nappy and connect to WiFi. When my baby pees, the app will send you a notifcation to remind you to change a nappy!

Miracle @Miracleyogaa: As a mom of three kids, it’s hards to keep an eye on my children all the time. Now that I found this Wonderfam app using smart diapers, I could finally check one of the major concerns of the list! Setting up the apps and diapers in a few steps and save me lots of work afterward. I certainly recommend this to moms like me who find it hard and tiring to monitor our babies all the time. Wondermom smart nappies might be our best bet. 

Erica @ca108: Wondermom is just perfect for first-time parents. I love how Wonderkin helps to reduce the caregiving burden for carers of infants and the elderly through the use of technology. Also, my baby Calisa is an angel. she never cries when her nappy is wet. It concerns me that I often need to check her nappy and her skin remain dry. But with the Wondermom smart nappies, I can rely on the alerts from the Wonderfam app while I was engaging in other activities. The nappy is also suitable for babies with sensitive skin. 

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Kath @kathandlife: Wondermom gives me a peace of mind! I love the alerting functions for wetness and activities that help me a lot in caregiving! Wondermom makes it easy for working parents to be in the know of the baby’s every move. Also, I really appreciate that Wonderkin uses technology to provide health insights and real-time alerts to babies and the elderly. This helps caregivers to pay more attnetion to the health of the wearer. I can totally see how Wondermom is integrating technology into real life and to improve the daily living for many households and families. 

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