[Digital Product Introduction] A Gift for Mothers! Digital Diapers which Keep You Updated on Baby’s Situations!


Digitital Products Introduction

Moms often worry about baby’s well-being as little infants are unable to express themselves. Therefore, lots of Moms will rather keep their babies by their side 24/7. But how is that possible? Now there is a smart solution for all Moms: Smart Diapers. The smart diapers consist of a sensor that is designed to attach to the diaper to allow the baby’s diapers usage data to transfer to a mobile app “Wonderfam”. The app would show baby’s sleeping posture, daily activities, urination statistics, and wetness of diapers. If abnormal or unsafe postures are detected, there will be notification and alarms to remind parents to check on their babies. With the smart diapers and the app, it enables parents to monitor their babies anytime and anywhere in just a few steps. Check the link below for video demonstration and introduction.

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