The Inconvenience of changing diaper nowadays…

Moms always have to pay attention to the status of diaper change, with mom’s own memory to remember the frequency and times changed Moms cannot avoid the sniff test Moms won’t get to know first-hand care information of their own child when moms have passed on to someone to take care of the baby Moms are unsure sure when to change the diaper. It is possible that a lot of diapers and money are gone to waste.

The Advantages of using Smart Diaper Smart diaper is designed for smart parenting.

  • Get instant alerts: Provide 24/7 and immediate care to babies with notifications sent to your app and alarm via the lamp
  • Convenience: Moms can avoid the sniff test and know if diaper needs to change without unfastening and refastening a diaper multiple times. It’s easier to multi-task!
  • Monitor your baby even though miles away: Know if your baby is being taken good care by checking your smart phone. Alerts will be sent to the phone as a notification for emergencies like falling from 1m high.
  • Understand your baby better: With smart sensor monitoring changes in baby’s sleeping posture and the volume of urine etc., moms have a better idea to cater to baby’s needs
  • Moms look smarter: Gen-Y moms are tech-savvy and like everything that is smart and makes them look cool, hipster, and trendy

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